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Alphenaer is a brand of:

Foodservice production

Alphenaer’s cheeses offer a unique and traditional taste in the catering industry, specialty shops, market stalls, wholesale and bulk consumption. Our strength lies in bringing unique and innovative products, packaging and flavors to the market. In this way we think and move with the demand from the market to be and remain distinctive.

Fresh Goats Cheese

Fresh Goats Cheese Alphenaer fresh goat cheese rolls have a soft and fresh taste and…

Ripened Goats Cheese

Ripened Goats Cheese Alphenaer Ripened goats cheese rolls have a soft and fresh taste and…

Goats Brie & Minibrie

Goats Brie & Minibrie The wonderfully soft Alphenaer goat brie and mini brie are prepared…

Goats Cheese Pucks

Goats Cheese Pucks The fresh goat cheese slices are ideal and easy to use in…

Goats Cheese Crumbles

Goats Cheese Crumbles The fresh goat cheese Crumbles are easy to use in various dishes…

Goats Cheese Pearls

Goats Cheese Pearls A beautiful and tasty creation from our cheese masters. This goat cheese…

Goats Cheese Spread

Goats Cheese Spread The fresh spreadable goat cheese has a delicious, pure and fresh goats…










Together with our partners in various market channels such as specialty cheese shops, market stalls, catering wholesalers, processing industry and supermarkets in various countries, we work on the tastiest and varied cheese assortments and meal components. You can find our cheeses under our own Alphenaer brand or as a private label at, among others: