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Alphenaer is a brand of:

About DeJong Cheese

Our strength lies in the marketing of unique and innovative cheeses. We are customer-oriented and can respond quickly to the requirements of the customer and the market. Thanks to our flexibility, multiple options are available with packaging, products and flavor variants.

Alphenaer cheese

DeJong Cheese produces a wide range of fresh and ripened cheeses under private label and on request, in bulk packaging for the processing industry. In addition, DeJong Cheese has its own traditional goat cheese brand: Alphenaer. The quality of our Alphenaer cheeses is proven by winning various Awards at larger international cheese competitions. We do all this with the highest attainable certifications:

  • All farms are certified according to the chain quality system “Quality”. See also and
  • The cheese factory is EC recognized and fully BRC / IFS certified.

Discover our range and taste why we are so proud of it!

Certified producer
Winner of several awards
Private label options

Our history

Goat Husbandry


In 1985, a goat farm was started on the farm of the De Jong family, in addition to the established dairy farm. The goat’s and cow's milk, was sold to dairy processors and cheese producers.

Opening cheese factory


Father and 2 sons ran the business. Arjan de Jong, the current CEO, wanted to do more with milk in his own company and started making cheese on a small scale. That was a success and opened at the same address in 1995.

Increase in cheese production


Cheese production from our own goat's milk grew and more and more milk was bought from other farmers.

More space


Our traditionally made goat cheese specialties were in great demand and more space was needed. The goat stables were exchanged for a larger cheese production, storage and maturing halls.

Professional team

Present day

Nowadays the milk is only bought from farmers in the area and we process different types of milk such as cow, goat and sheep milk with a team of professional and enthusiastic people.

New construction


In 2016, a large-scale new-build plan was started in which the entire company will be transformed into a new and sustainable work and production environment.










Together with our partners in various market channels such as specialty cheese shops, market stalls, catering wholesalers, processing industry and supermarkets in various countries, we work on the tastiest and varied cheese assortments and meal components. You can find our cheeses under our own Alphenaer brand or as a private label at, among others: