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DeJong Cheese

The best fresh and soft cheese specialties!

Cheese Crumbles

Cheese Crumbles, ideal, easy to use and look great! In a matter of minutes you can have a delicious and creative dish on the table! A secret recipe is used so that the crumbles do not stick together which makes the crumbles an easy to use yet tasty additon to pizzas, salads, pasta, but also in many hot and cold dishes. You can really use your imagination.

Cheese Crumbles are available in a wide variety of flavours: Garlic and goats cheese options plain, honey and bacon. Available in 100g and 500g.

Cheese Discs

Traditionally kitchens have had to cut and preparet heir goats cheese dishes by slicing messy logs every time they want a portion for a dish. Now you can simply take a disc out of a packet and place; a lot quicker and a lot less mess!

Available in three sizes and two tasty flavours, plain goats cheese and honey. We have the following packages in our assortment:

  • 108x7g
  • 42 x7g
  • 48x23g
  • 32x35g
Ideal package size: 120g

Fresh goats cheese discs from DeJong Cheese from DeJon g Cheese. A Delicious, fresh and spreadable cream cheese made with the best ingredients. It is easy to cut and spread on toast and bread or for preparing various salads and snacks. We have four different tastes: Natural, honey, strawberry and bacon.

Cheese Goats Logs

Our fresh naturel goats log’s are a soft and mellows goats cheese with a delicious creamy taste. The pure taste of the goats cheese can combine in endless flavour combinations and can really add some variation to your dishes. The goats logs are available in 6 different tastes: Natural, cranberry, strawberry, honey, fine herbs and bacon.

Cheese Spreadable

Our fresh spreadable goats cheese is a delicious natural, pure and tasty goats cheese spread. The smooth and creamy texture makes the product very easy to spread and it only contains 16% fat whilst keeping it fresh, delicious, goaty taste. The spreads are delicious on sandwiches, baguettes and panini’s whether served hot or cold.


The preparation of our cheeses, start with milk selection. In the beautiful surroundings of Alphen, we gather milk from our local farms. Our herds are reared with care, and their balanced diet with roughage, ensures high quality milk which delivers the quality and wholesome flavour delivered in our cheese. This milk is cured, sliced, stirred and handled through traditional methods, which our cheese masters have refined, to ensure a top-quality product.

DeJong Cheese

DeJong Cheese Cheese is a family company located in Alphen, south of the Netherlands, close to the Belgian border. In 1995, we began producing high-quality soft and mould ripened cheeses to traditional recipes. We started producing from our own herd of goats, but due to an increase in demand, we now source milk from local farms, who meet our strict quality requirements.

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