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DeJong Cheese

The best fresh and soft cheeses!

Our cheese is produced in a completely traditional way, so we use traditional filter cloths to curdle the milk. The great thing about this is that it remains a real natural product. In contrast to industrial production processes, our approach preserves the natural taste. We have many years of experience in making cheese, and you can taste it! Our secret? The traditional way and the attention with which we make our cheese.

Discover our rich, award-winning goat cheese assortment below. We have a very diverse range of soft and aged cheeses.

Are you looking for a soft goat cheese that is easy to use in your products or dishes? Then take a look at the page of Cheese Crumbles. This is a fresh crumbled goat cheese that is easy to process and available in different flavors.

Another innovative variant of goat cheese that we have to offer are the Cheese Pucks. We have these in various sizes and packaging forms.

We also offer Fresh Goat Cheese, in 3 flavor variations; honey, natural and cranberry and a delicious spread with a delicious, pure and fresh goat cheese flavor.

DeJong Cheese

DeJong Cheese is a real family business located in Alphen, located near the Belgian border. Since 1995 we have been making high-quality soft and aged (goat) cheeses according to a traditional recipe. Originally, the cheese factory started by making goat cheese from its own farm. Nowadays the milk is bought from farmers in the area.

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