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DeJong’s Alphenaer; ‘Traditional craftmanship!

The preparation of our cheeses, start with milk selection. In the beautiful surroundings of Alphen, we gather milk from our local farms. Our herds are reared with care, and their balanced diet with roughage, ensures high quality milk which delivers the quality and wholesome flavour delivered in our cheese. This milk is cured, sliced, stirred and handled through traditional methods, which our cheese masters have refined, to ensure a top-quality product.

Craftmanship, and precise timings are some of the most important elements that determine the ultimate flavour. Our cheese masters, use traditional methods to ensure that only the best cheese is selected for inclusion in the Alphenaer brand.

Discover the traditional Alphenaer range here:

Goat brie

The goat’s milk with its natural fat and protein levels gives this cheese a deliciously soft creamy flavour. During maturation, a beautiful white layer forms around the cheese. The white layer is one of the things that gives Alphenaer goat brie it’s specific appearance and delicious taste. The taste varies from soft creamy and firm (young) to spicy and mature (after full ripening).

Goat brie fenugreek

One of the most special cheese of the Alphenaer family is the goat’s brie fenugreek. This cheese has been prepared with care, with whole fenugreek seeds. The soft creamy goat’s brie in combination with the walnut-like flavour, makes this brie extremely tasty and surprising specialty.

Goat minibrie

The Alphenaer’s goat MiniBrie is a delicious addition to a glass of wine or aperitif. The soft and creamy taste is obtained by the specific ripening of this mini version of the larger brie. Deliciously creamy, this subtle brie will enhance any meal experience. This is ideal for baking with a tear and share bread.

Ripened log

One of the most famous and most eaten goat cheese is the ripened log. The goat cheese Buche from Alphenaer is superior in quality and irresistibly delicious. The traditional white mould surrounds the fresh cheese and gives it a sour and spicy taste as it matures.

Fresh cheese pearls in sunflower oil

A beautiful and tasty creation of the cheese masters. This goat cheese can be served either as a snack or it can be used in a fresh salad. The delicious oil can be used in a dressing.

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