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Tip’s & Tricks

  • Logs of soft cheese like goats cheese can be difficult to cut into perfect discs because of the soft texture. Using a knife tends to smash the cheese so here’s our trick for making it easier to cut. Use a wire.
  • The best use for ripened cheese is after an half an hour out of the refrigerator.
  • Did you know; that you need 7.5 liters of milk to make one kilo of soft cheese.
  • The flavour strength also dependents on the type of milk, the milk treatment and riping period.
  • Keep cheese always at a temperature of 7C. The shelflife will be 10 weeks at this temperature.
  • Did you know: Fresh cheese hasn’t had a maturation, it’s not pressed and has a high moisture content, a fresh taste and can be eaten immediately after production. Depending of the moisture in the cheese and heat treatments fresh cheese is usually spreadable and has a soft structure.
  • Fresh and ripened cheese tastes the best in combination with a dry white wine.
  • Fresh cheese are very delicious in desserts. That’s because this kind of cheese has a very fresh taste which combines very well with sweet flavours.
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