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Goat cheese

DeJong’s Goat cheese is produced in a completely traditional way. For example, we use traditional filter cloths to prevent goat milk. It remains a real natural product. In contrast to industrial production processes, our approach preserves the natural taste. We have many years of experience in making goat’s cheese, and you can taste it! Our secret? The traditional way of producing and the attention with which we make our goat’s cheese.

Discover below our rich and award winning goat cheese assortment. We have a very diverse range of soft and matured goat cheeses.

Are you looking for a soft goat cheese that is easy to process in your products or dishes take a look at the page of Cheese Crumbles this is a fresh crumbled goat cheese which is easy to process and available in different flavours.

Another innovative variant of goat’s cheese that we have to offer, are the goat’s cheese slices. We have these in different sizes and packaging forms. Are you choose the fresh goat cheese natural or the delicious sweet goat cheese variant?

Cheese Crumbles

Cheese Crumbles, ideal, easy to use and look great! In a matter of minutes you can have a delicious and creative dish on the table!

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Cheese Culinair

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Cheese Discs

Fresh goats cheese discs from DeJong Cheese. A Delicious, fresh and spreadable cream cheese made with the best ingredients.

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Cheese Goats Logs

Our fresh naturel goats log’s are a soft and mellows goats cheese with a delicious creamy taste.

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Cheese Spreadable

Our fresh spreadable goats cheese is a delicious natural, pure and tasty goats cheese spread and it only contains 16% fat.

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Craftmanship, and precise timings are some of the most important elements that determine the ultimate flavour.

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The assortments fresh goat’s cheese logs from DeJong Cheese are soft and fresh in taste and deliciously creamy. From sweet to savoury, something for everyone!

DeJong’s goat’s cheese spread is smoother than the traditional fresh goat’s cheese and therefore easy to spread and process in dishes. An additional advantage: 16% less fat! And then the cherry on the cake! Our Alphenaer range! Alphenaer is the traditional brand that is completely cut and stirred by hand.

“The traditional technique and the exact timing ultimately determine the distinctive taste of the Alphenaer goat cheeses. Alphenaer has a natural goat’s brie and a goat’s brie with fenugreek, a camembert, the traditional matured Bûche and fresh goat’s cheese balls in oil”.

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