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Cheese Discs

DeJong’s Cheese Discs: ‘For simple delicious dishes

Traditionally kitchens have had to cut and prepare their goats cheese dishes by slicing messy logs every time they want a portion for a dish. Now you can simply take a disc out of a packet and place; a lot quicker and a lot less mess!

Available in three sizes and two tasty flavours, plain goats cheese and honey. We have the following packages in our assortment:

  • 108x7g
  • 42 x7g
  • 48x23g
  • 32x35g

Ideal package size: 120g

Fresh goats cheese discs from DeJong Cheese. A Delicious, fresh and spreadable cream cheese made with the best ingredients. It is easy to cut and spread on toast and bread or for preparing various salads and snacks. We have four different tastes: Natural, honey, strawberry and bacon.

Cheese Discs recipes

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