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Cheese Crumbles

Cheese Crumbles: ‘For creative cooking’!

Cheese Crumbles: ‘For creative cooking’!
Cheese Crumbles – fresh (goat cheese) cheese crumbs – are easy to use in various dishes and give a beautiful presentation. The Crumbles are a nice and tasty addition to salads, pasta, pizzas and all kinds of hot and cold dishes, even in desserts and soups. So plenty of variety!

The Cheese Crumbles contribute to a quick processability of dishes with soft cheeses, just remove the lid and sprinkle! By using a secret recipe, the Crumbles no longer stick together and are therefore perfect for processing with portion control. Leave your cutting utensils in the cupboard! Cheese Crumbles are therefore very suitable for the professional kitchen.

Cheese Crumbles are available in 3 varieties: natural goat cheese, honey and red onion / garlic.

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